Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival 6 months ago
Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival 6 months ago
Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival 6 months ago
Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival 6 months ago
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Interested in volunteering for Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival?

We are taking a select number of applicants who would be interested in helping out volunteering at the Cape Cod Roots and Blues Festival.  You will receive Free Admission to the Cape Cod Roots and Blues Festival and a special volunteer free T-Shirt, all in exchange for just a few hours of your time.  We always make sure that all volunteers have some time off during the show to enjoy the acts!!  Please fill out the form and submit.  Once submitted you will be contacted by someone at the festival that you have been selected,  where to check in and what volunteer area to which you have been assigned.   Please note that due to a large number of requests we may NOT be able to put you in the volunteer area you requested. Also,  this submission does not guarantee you a spot on the volunteer roster so if you are worried about missing the show, purchase your tickets now and we can refund your ticket cost if you are selected for volunteering.

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Submission form for 2020 coming soon!