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Directions, Parking & Transit

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Parking & Drop-Off Information

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We are looking forward to another amazing Festival on Sept 14th and we hope you are too. We want you to get to the music with as little hassle as possible so let’s talk about getting there.


We expanded our festival footprint this year so that we have more room for guests and vendors — we will be occupying almost the entire Nauset Beach Main Lot   The Town of Orleans – our amazing hosts – worked with us to establish SIX FREE parking areas – and we have our very own Cape Cod Roots and Blues Transit System to get you from your cars to the music!!  Our buses will be visiting every lot so just park and proceed to the bus stop – which will be clearly marked near the front of the lot.  As each parking lot fills up, we will have parking attendants waiving you on to the next lot.  So just follow the below address to the next closest lot to you.

ROUTE A: (2 Locations)

1. Hog Island Beer Co.,  28 West Rd, Orleans MA

2. The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank Operations Center, 19 West Rd, Orleans MA


ROUTE B: ( 1 Locations)

Nauset Middle School,  70 MA-28, Orleans MA


ROUTE C: (3 Parking locations)

1. Orleans Town Hall, & Historical Society 19 School Rd, Orleans MA

2. Federated Church of Orleans, 162 Main St, East Orleans MA


First Ride starts at 11:00 AM from the above lots.

There are a SMALL number of spaces available at the Hubler Lot on Beach Rd. Please note that this lot is first come first serve, once that lot is full you will be redirected to one of our off site lots listed above.

Our social media team will be updating the Cape Cod Roots and Blues Facebook page with notifications on when lots are full.  Please follow (@ccrbfest) on facebook for updates.   We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND all our patrons walk or bike to the Event!  We have even set up a Bike Parking lot where you can hook your Bike to our designated parking area and pick it up after the show.  However you get to the event, we wish you safe travels and cannot wait to spend the day with you!!!


This year CCRB will have a designated location for Ride Share passenger pickup and drop off near the entrance for Nauset Beach.


There will be a Bike drop off station available at the entrance to Nauset Beach.


There will be limited parking for handicap guests and those with special requests. Please email those requests ahead of time to info@capecodrootsandblues.com.

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Hop On The Bus

Out of Town Transit

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Flex Route Service provides a flexible bus service, from Star Market in Harwich to Stop & Shop in Provincetown.   The Stop for the CCRnB Festival is the STOP & SHOP, in Orleans, MA.  Click here for Yelps top 10 cab companies in Orleans, MA.  The festival site is approximately 3.5 miles from the Orleans STOP & SHOP.

CCRTA provides daily bus service, Monday through Saturday, beginning 5:00 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. from Star Market in Harwich to Stop & Shop in Provincetown and beginning at 6:50 a.m. to 9:10 p.m. from Stop & Shop in Provincetown to Star Market in Harwich. The FLEX route runs an express run with no intermediate stops, from Stop and Shop – Orleans to Patriot’s Square in Dennis on the last run of the day which starts at 8:00 p.m. The Flex picks up and drops off passengers at designated stops and also flexes off its route up to ¾ of a mile to serve people who have difficulty getting to a regular bus stop. Reservations are required for the off route stops. The Flex travels from Route 28 in Harwich, Over Queen Anne to Route 137, to Brewster on Route 6A, down Route 6 through the towns of Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, and Truro to Provincetown. Passengers may board the Flex at any of the scheduled bus stops or they may flag the bus down anywhere along the bus route except along Route 6. The Flex bus connects with the H2O Line at Stop & Shop Orleans, Skaket Corners Orleans, Underground Plaza Orleans and Star Market in Harwich, and in the summer the Provincetown/ North Truro Shuttle at Highland Road, Truro and Stop & Shop. Flex also connects with the Plymouth & Brockton bus service to Boston; at CVS Orleans, Eastham Town Hall, Cobb Library, Truro, Highland Road @ 6A Truro, and MacMillan Pier, Provincetown.

For more info on the Flex Route service CLICK HERE.

Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival

Get Your Tickets Here

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Parking at Nauset Beach will be for sponsors only. To gain access to the beach parking lot you must have a valid Sponsorship ticket to the show. Please print out or download your ticket on to your digital device, the ticket QR code, before arrival. The parking lot will open at 8 am on September 14, 2019.